Maybe 50 isn't so fabulous after all?

November 20th at 4:00 PM

November 21st at 7:30 PM

November 24th at 7:00 PM

Written by Michelle Carter

Directed by Jenny Connors

Starring Alison Gilbreath & Featuring Erik Dahl

Hosted by Sutter Street Theatre

Jennifer is a hard-working, married, mother of two trying to maintain her social-life, love-life and sanity while coming to terms with turning 50. “Out to Pasture” explores the humorous and raw moments of grappling with physical changes, a changing identity, jobs, kids, aging parents, and society's stereotypes. At turns thought-provoking and hilarious, Out to Pasture will strike a chord with women of any age (and might provide explanations for some things men have been scratching their heads over).

The second original work to be produced by Women's Theatre Collective, Out to Pasture is a one-woman show that gives audiences an inside look at the many facets of a woman.  



Congratulations to Michelle Carter and Alison Gilbreath for your acceptance into the Monologue and Poetry International Film Festival!  Click the link below to learn more about the film fest that will feature the original monologue "Out to Pasture."



Currently in the Works

Women's Theatre Collective is excited to announce a new project in the works - "Our Words."  WTC has brought together a group of women - professionals, artists, mothers, students - who are opening up their lives to share their struggles, joys, and insights.  "Our Words" (a working title) will weave together these stories to create a tapestry that depicts the world as women experience it today.

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