Performer on Smoky Stage

At Women's Theatre Collective we use the art of theatre to create a better world for women and girls. We believe in positive, authentic portrayals of women and public awareness of women's issues. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others.



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Maybe 50 isn't so fabulous after all?

Jennifer is a hard-working, married, mother of two trying to maintain her social-life, love-life and sanity while coming to terms with turning 50. “Out to Pasture” explores the humorous and raw moments of grappling with physical changes, a changing identity, jobs, kids, aging parents, and society's stereotypes. At turns thought-provoking and hilarious, Out to Pasture will strike a chord with women of any age (and might provide explanations for some things men have been scratching their heads over for years).