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Performer on Smoky Stage

At Women's Theatre Collective we use the art of theatre to create a better world for women and girls. We believe in positive, authentic portrayals of women and public awareness of women's issues. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others.


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Maybe 50 isn't so fabulous after all?

Jennifer is a hard-working, married, mother of two trying to maintain her social life, love life, and sanity while coming to terms with turning 50. “Out to Pasture” explores the humorous and raw moments of grappling with physical changes, a changing identity, jobs, kids, aging parents, and society's stereotypes. At turns, thought-provoking and hilarious, Out to Pasture will strike a chord with women of any age. 

The second original work to be produced by Women's Theatre Collective, "Out to Pasture" is a one-woman show that gives audiences an inside look at the many facets of a woman.  Audiences have laughed, cried, and sang out loud, calling "Out to Pasture" an experience more than just a play.

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